医用洗涤化料 - 医用增白洗衣粉

Medical whitening washing powder
医用洗涤剂系列 - 医用增白洗衣粉_青岛伊利诺伊

产品特点:医用洗涤化料 - 医用增白洗衣粉根据医院布草特殊污渍配制而成,针对医院各种布草织物进行清洗、杀菌、消毒,同时可对医院各种布草织物上的血渍、药渍、尿渍等进行分解清除,用时不会损伤布草,洗后织物亮丽如新。
Product features: The product is designed and prepared focusing on the special stains on hospital linen, so it has the functions of cleaning, sterilization and disinfection as well as the decomposition and removal of a variety of blood stains, medicine stains and urine stains on various hospital linen fabrics. It does not damage the linen, but making the washed fabrics bright as new.

Scope of application:This product is suitable for hospital bed sheets, quilts, white coats and nurse clothes as well as surgical gowns and undergarments.

Usage and consumption: 50-100g of the product for 10 kg of fabrics

适宜温度(Suitable temperature):45-55℃

Shelf life: 24 months

Net weight:20kg/barrel


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